Past speakers

Smart RFIC: Millimeter-wave Gigabit Transceivers with Digitally-enabled Built-in Self-calibration and Auto-switching Functions

Prof. Tian-Wei Huang

National Taiwan University,

In our daily life, we have smart phones, smart TVs, or even auto-pilot smart cars in the future.  In our engineer careers, we have smart antenna, smart baseband chips, but we still need auto-calibration smart RFICs.  Especially for millimeter-wave RFICs with...


Design of millimetre-wave multifunction integrated circuits for data communication and remote sensing applications

DML 2015-2017 Herbert Zirath

The transmission rate of wireless data in the mobile networks is doubling every year due to the increased usage of mobile multimedia services like streaming video, music, television, data transfer in smartphones and laptop-computers etc. This tendency will require continuously improved telecom...