Speakers Bureau

High-efficiency GaN power amplifiers and MMICs: Design and Realization

Dr. Rüdiger Quay

Fraunhofer Institute IAF, Freiburg, Germany

The talk deals with high-efficiency techniques to design , layout, and realize high-effiency GaN-based circuits, such as base station amplifiers,  radar ICs, and  point-to-point links for various frequencies from L-band (1-2 GHz) to W-band (75-110 GHz) and beyond.



Scaling Millimeter-wave Phased Arrays for imaging and communications: Challenges and Solutions

Dr. Alberto Valdes-Garcia

IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY,

This presentation first motivates the need for scaled phased arrays and outlines key challenges for their implementation. Design trade-offs are then discussed for important aspects such as beamforming architecture, module-level realization with antennas and packaging, and digital control. An...